Sunday, June 22, 2008

Diddling DiDio

I'm as guilty as the next fanboy and I should know better.

DC Senior VP-Executive Editor is the subject of rumors regarding an imminent departure from the company for a variety of reasons. I'm not going to detail everything here but you can just do a Google News search for "Dan Didio" and you'll be as plugged in as the next know-nothing.

Now, Hollywood journalist and ├╝ber-yentah Nikki Finke has picked up the story, though being a normal-ish person, isn't aware of all the intricacies and politics. And DC, if anything, is a political rat's nest — or so I'm told.

Good luck to DiDio. Hope his parachute is golden. And to Jimmy Palmiotti: be careful what you wish for.

NOON UPDATE Palmiotti says that he's not interested in the job, per Newsarama. You can blame the people who originally reported his "no comment" for their failure to convey his sarcastic and humorous intent, assuming they perceived it.

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