Friday, January 30, 2009

Planetary 27: Soon Come? Maybe!

I joked about it once too often, so Warren Ellis doesn't love me any more (if he ever did), but you can't blame him. He turned his script in a year and a half ago. Artist John Cassaday is said to be working on the final issue of one of the greatest series in comics, Planetary, so it may be out soon.

More clues: In the latest books from Wildstorm, DC's imprint that publishes the series, Editorial Director Jim Lee writes: "Finally, the project I'm most looking forward to in ’09 is the final issue of PLANETARY by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday. It's been a wild ride from beginning to end and I look forward to reading the whole series through one day, but you know what they say about all good things."

And the final hardcover collection is scheduled for July, so...

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